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The Movement Demo Uploader

Please fill the form (right click, save as) and upload both with the identical filename corresponding to your submission.

Your track may look like this:


Therefore text file should look like this:


Please note that all submissions uploaded may be aired on the Trance Tonic or The Movement radio shows or played live at gigs. If you insist that your material remain for internal use and not be publicly performed, please label your audio file and text file as follows:


You may also upload tracks to our Sound Cloud

Send me your sounds

Acceptable formats include 320 k/bit MP3 or equivalent quality in M4A or AAC.

Please no compressed (.zip, .dmg or .rar) files.

Due to the large volume of demos we receive unfortunately we can not personally reply to each one. Rest assured that we listen to each and every one and will most definitely be in touch if we feel it’s of interest (or very close)!

Please allow 2 weeks (14 days) for a reply.