N-eil & Matt-vell

Noel Vassallo & Matthews Agius A.K.A N-eil & Matt-Vell

The two artists Born in Malta in 1988

Noel Vassallo & Matthews Agius A.K.A N-eil & Matt-Vell show There passion for Music at a very young age.

Noel Vassallo starts showing his interest for music when his mother for his 6Th birthday
Gives Him a Spanish acoustic guitar, Where He start taken guitar lessons
In a catholic community foundation, where learn a basic user.

Matthews agius show his passion for music when at an age of 4 years old starts practicing
Piano lessons and shows his Music skills Very fast.

Noel Vassallo older brother start’s a basic mixing user in the art of electronic Dance Music at Released the grooves. Noel show his love for electronic dance music when he listen for the first time to his brother playing in there home. And he decides to take a basic lesson on how to mix Electronic dance music.

Matthews show his love and passion for EDM when he go for the first time at
A Trance music event. Where he meets Noel and knowing that Noel was taken
Privet lessons on EDM. Matt asks Noel to make him an appointment.

Now Noel & Matt was ready to do there first appearance.

Together have built a new concepts called Velocity, where was a great success for there first events. The Maltese duo was appointed by a small promotion called crash events Malta. Where starts doing events together and saw the audience and participation of thousands every event.

The Maltese Duo after a while stopped working for crash events Malta to concentrate on how to produce Trance music, also They where offered contracts by many big Maltese agencies and they refused it all after a while The Maltese Duo starts the dissolutions with a very famous music agency where there events are well known world wide called Knockout Events.

N-eil & Matt-vell are doing great playing all around the country in all the prestigious events and clubs in Malta with all the best trance artists and promotions.
Such as Tenishia, Clay c, N’heaven, J Joy, Ministry Of Sound. And much more

N-eil & Matt-vell also have worm up: Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, Sied Van Riel, Wippenberg, and Cosmic Gate.

Plays alongside world top artist’s such as: Kayu & Albert, simon petterson, Christian Burns, Kate louise smith, Marco v, Hardwell, First state, Tenishia, elles de graaf, jaren, Dimitri & vegas, Jordan suckley, eller van buuren and much more.

Also plays live on stage with: Emma Hewitt, Sarah Howells.

N-eil & Matt-vell decides to use the past skills in there own tracks.
After they built there own studio Noel & Matt start there own tracks where took some time
Before targeting the high standards of professional Music.

Now Days the Maltese Duo are doing very well in music production
Where they are followed and supported from many big labels and supported by many big names in the industry. Also are working with some well known
Artists Around the world.


N-eil & Matt-vell Strangers to Forgive (Original Mix) (Radio edit) Milk Recordings
N-eil & Matt-vell Lake of Heaven (Original Mix) Spaced Out Recordings
N-eil & Matt-vell feat Anthya Countdown (Original Mix) Napa Recordings (Subtrexx recordings/bonzai progressive)
N-eil & Matt-Vell Feat Nanje Nowack Fire away(Original Mix) (Camouflage records) Bonzai progressive

projects we are working on

N-eil & Matt-vell and solnce Before it gets too Dark (Original Mix) RTBC

N-eil & Matt-Vell feat ….. Id (Original mix) RTBC

N-eil & Matt-vell Secrets (Original Mix) RTBC


Simpkin ghost (N-eil & Matt-vell remix) Spaced Out Recordings

Simpkin Horizon (N-eil & Matt-vell remix) Spaced Out Recordings

M&D Substance – Away (N-eil & Matt-Vell Remix) Nemisis Recordings