Vikas sharma or we say DJ KAZ was not satisfied with being the man behind the desk and learn through the blackboard and chalk. His world was more than these colours.  He started on his mission passion inNew Delhi (1999) and then moved to Australia where he continued his momentum & rocked OZs withDubstep, Trance, Progressive House.


So lets talk about Kaz in detail.


“Music is my way of expressing purest form of emotions”

He is a music lover with versatile style and strongly believes that the style he plays to uplift people and plays music that everyone can relate to. He attempts to bring zing and mood to his listening audiences.

One of the reasons for his popularity in Australia was his vibrant personality – he is able to make even the quietest of crowds groove and dance. As he says “best music you can hear is of the tapping foot”. And he loves listening that.

As a Dj his ability  to not only play diverse genres and styles but to infuse his music with pure emotions and leaving the crowd in trance and let them enjoy euphoric melodies.


Having a distinct style of cut & mix Kaz specializes in playing Dubstep &Trance music. His live sets are said to be second to none, belting out tunes curiously melted with global beats to enhance theexperience.


His love and passion for music further evolve into  music  and ultimately releasing his original piece of work.


Now back in India for good to enrich India with the global music with global touch. And currently he’s the name being very much solicited by the online radio www.the where he showcases      

the most crankiest and finest Dubstep tunes.

Playing in the hottest club in town is no breaking news