About Us

The Movement, a unique platform formed by professional musicians, producers and broadcast professionals. Their vision is to spread music and passion to promote artists, musicians and to provide them with free platform to showcase there creative talents.

Our Passion

We believe that music is a free form that spreads harmony through a unique medium. We have been successfully broadcasting music and promoting artists and musicians from around the world with a common vision – LOVE FOR MUSIC.

Our Vision

The Movement is a first of its kind concept that a provides platform to young talented and skilled musicians, DJ’s & producers and a personal club or a concert hall to the listeners from all over the world. The Movement is a one of its kind concept. We launched our internet radio station for broadcast on 1-1-2012. We started our initial line up of shows based on popular genres of music and started with electronic music and 9 radio shows produced by artists from India & 2 International shows produced and broadcasted from Hong Kong & Belgium. The Movement has successfully started its video broadcast service to broadcast LIVE shows of associated artists & musicians. The Movement will soon be launch rest of its shows based on ROCK, JAZZ, BLUES and POP as part of its second-quarter action plan. We are starting our rock-based show called The Indian Rock Hour, The Tribute & The Top 40 Tunes show. To make music accessible anytime, anywhere we are soon launching software and mobile apps for wireless handheld devices. 2011-2012

Our History and Who we are

“ Electricity of music ”

is our tag line and we truly believe in every word of it. What started as a project in the summer of 2011 became a full-time, most followed and preferred online radio station in India and globally. (According to www.alecia.com ) It was Rahul Bhattacharya along with his team back home who thought of an idea of promoting friends and fellow musicians through a first of its kind, interactive tool which could be heard around the world. And that idea was radio over internet. Later the summer project took shape of The Movement online radio. As the word itself means starting a revolution, we thought of this concept and the wonders it can achieve. Initially we started out as a radio with 3 online weekly shows from New Delhi, Bengaluru & Chennai,which soon expanded into 12 radio shows of from Australia, Hong Kong, Belgium and Bulgaria.

Our determination towards music and artist promotion has captured maximum online listenership. Anamika Chhawal host our international radio show Dirty Blends, broadcast Live & Exclusive from Hong Kong for The Movement. Arjun Nair is a seasoned music producer who started Burn Sessions which includes the top tunes of modern day dance music. He is one of the many talented artists of The Movement. As part of our second quarter action plan we are working towards diversifying and expanding our listenership by introducing more rockbased & American style oriented music shows. We are ready to launch our mobile applications for Android, Blackberry, Apple, Symbian, tablet and The I-pad through which our listeners will not only be able to hear but even watch us. Every show has a unique identity which attracts music lovers to tune into the genre of their choice.

We have a listenership & server footprints close to 4,84,305 from across the world. We will soon adding unique contest, games, blogs and twitter interactive services. We believe that it’s a great cause to promote musicians and artists who otherwise give up their instincts in the absence of recognition. We as a broadcaster give them impetus to pursue there love for music.


Listeners can now connect with us by leaving shoutouts on our Skype management system, Facebook Page & twitter handle.



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